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victim or survivor ? 

which one are you ?

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We are a Bushcraft and survival training school based on the border of Wales Herefordshire and Gloucestershire and our courses are run in the Forest of Dean area and the Brecon Beacons.

At precision survival we to strive to deliver a quality, challenging, learning experience for a value for money fee and best of all we supply all the kit you need on the courses so no need to spends hundreds of pounds on equipment before you attend. 

Feel free to  contact us to discuss your requirements

Axe in Tree Stump

Survivor 48 hour


The basics

fire shelter water food tools

 campcraft and navigation

Corporate team builder

Survivor advantage 6 day course



A more in depth version of the 48 hour course building on what was learned in the basic course and the introduction of new subjects to expand your skill set even further

Bush tracker
24 hour course

A course dedicated to the art of tracking 

Hardcore survivor 48 hour


24 Hour team build and wellbeing adventure course


This course is only open to clients that have passed the survivor advantage

Outdoor and survival gear available in our web store

All the kit on our website is tested by us or used on our courses so you can be rest assured its value for money and does the job !


Handpicked Adventures

What Makes Us Special

Unlike other schools we dedicate one instructor per 4 clients to ensure you receive the very best quality experience and value for money

and all kit is provided free of charge.

Courses can be tailored to meet the needs of a group 

whatever your reason to attend, be it to become confident and self reliant in the outdoors or to prepare for the zombie apocalypse !!

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Carl R

"The most worthwhile 48 hours i have ever spent" 


J. P

"Great company and thought provoking learning "

Amanda H

 Tom L

"This guy is the

real deal"

"It was outstanding the 6 day course changed the way i think" 


“Your best resource is your mind.”
Mark / course director

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