The Team

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Ian \ Quartermaster 

Mark \ Course Director

Alan\ Instructor

Ian was born in the Welsh countryside and served in the Royal Navy for 10 years. He has had a lifelong interest in survival and is a bit of a prepper, he attended a survival aids course in the 80s and a course at fort Bragg with the 82nd airborne. Whilst serving in St Croix he was the Exped officer and achieved mountain leader summer and winter. He has had experience in Norway and Belize, loves rugby and is a brown belt in judo. His other interests are fishing, shooting and has a DSC 1.

Ian assists on courses and acquires and maintains the equipment.

Born and bred a "proper Londoner". Mark started his outdoor life in the Cubs then went on to Scouts and the Army cadets. He was educated at the London Nautical School, leaving at 16 to join Her Majesty's Armed forces. Having worked with and been trained by the most respected and best known instructors in the world over decades and in every environment the planet has to offer he still maintains "experts? No such thing, we are all students just some know more than most but less than some". He is a qualified wilderness medic and brand ambassador for TRC Outdoors.

A true son of Herefordshire Alan has always been an avid outdoors-man and a true woodsman as he was a tree surgeon for many years and is our resident sharps man.

You can see Alan on the 1948 original equipment stand at the Bushcraft show and the wilderness gathering doing axe and knife demonstrations for the Hultafors company.

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